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Power Rankings (Week 5)

Its Wednesday so that means that the Power Rankings are in. Topher sleeps until noon most days, so he was not able to get his picks in on time, but have no fear Basil, Keelo and Chandon carried the load this week. PLUS A SURPRISE TOP 10 at the end!

EDIT*** Topher woke up and sent his in. So proud!

#1 Rays (19-9)

Well its week 5 and the Rays are still rolling. No surprise here, they are young, they are fun, and nobody watches them to realize how good these guys actually are.

#2 Dodgers (20-12)

The Dodgers are still loaded in week 5. They need to get Pollock back and playing well, and Seager needs to carry his load, but everyone else is doing their job.

#3 Astros (18-12)

The Astros have a lot of stars…. get it?? Astros…. Stars… Well they will keep winning if they sending baseballs into orbit….

#4 Cardinals (19-10)

I wouldn’t fold this hand of cards. The deck is stacked for them to stay in the top 10!

#5 Yankees (17-12)

What is the IL??? The Yanks don’t care about injuries. They care about winning and doing with guys that could be bagging groceries in a week.

#6 Twins (17-10)

The Twins are living by the HR ball, hopefully for them they keep seeing terrible pitchers.

#7 Phillies (16-13)

Well its week 5 and we are booing Harper… at home… in April…. Phillies fans are the worst.

#8 Brewers (17-14)

Yelich and Cain can’t do everything, but they are sure trying to do it all. Get them help! Kimbrel and Dallas would be good gets.

#9 Cubs (15-12)

Finally have woken up and realized that they are loaded once again this season. If they figure out the back end of the bullpen and Darvish, then watch out.

#10 Mariners (18-14)

Still in the AL west hunt by being 1 game back of the Astros. Give them credit, this is with King Felix being a number 3-5 starter.

#11 Indians (16-12)

Clevinger could start playing catch soon and that should energize this team. He had a chance to be this team’s ace before he got hurt.

#12 D-Backs (17-13)

Finally caught the Padres in the standings and only 2 back from the Dodgers. They got a big win over the Yankees last night.

#13 Padres (17-13)

Stay healthy guys and stay in the hunt. San Diego is one of my favorite cities to travel to.

#14 Mets (15-14)

Umm.. only 1 game above .500 They better right the ship now before it is too late.

#15 Rangers (14-14)

Gallo and Mazara are shouldering the load and they are out performing expectations this season.

#16 Braves (14-15)

They need help pitching with another starter and closer…. I mentioned 2 guys that could help earlier with the Brewers.

#17 Red Sox (13-17)

Do we have to settle for this team not being good? I think they will finish with a wild card spot, but if I liked the Sox I would be worried.

#18 A’s (14-18)

Had a winning record 5 games ago…. they lost 5 straight. Not Good guys.

#19 Nationals (12-16)

Still have them to lose to the Yankees in the World Series. I am not hedging on that bet yet.

#20 Blue Jays (14-15)

Stroman looks good, and VLAD JR IS IN THE BIGS!!!

#21 Angels (13-17)

Trout’s Slash Line 294/487/1.052 6 Hrs, 16 RBIs, 19 Runs and 4 Stolen Bases.

#22 Rockies (13-17)


#23 Pirates (13-14)

Ummm excuse me… what happened last week ? The Pirates 2-8 over their last 10

#24 Giants (12-18)

Trade MadBum before he gets hurts.

#25 Reds (12-17)

Votto is atleast having fun…. his stats suck.

#26 Tigers (13-14)

Their best pitcher is in double A.

#27 White Sox (12-14)

Eloy is hurt, maybe this will clear his head and he will start mashing soon.

#28 Orioles (10-20)

They are who we thought they were!

#29 Royals (9-20)

This is the last time I will ask… Can you trade Whit to a cool team?

#30 Marlins (8-21)

Derek get a glove… you’re going in.

  • Here is a bonus top 10 from the students in my class!
  • Rangers
  • Blue Jays
  • Astros
  • Cardinals
  • Phillies
  • Dodgers
  • Cubs
  • Rays
  • Rockies
  • Cowboys
  • Brewers

Needless to say they do not watch baseball.

-Basil, Topher, Keelo, Chandon, students in my class