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MLB Power Rankings (Week 6)

It is that time of year where most of the contenders start to reveal themselves, and the pretenders start to fall off the cliff (example: Mariners). We still have some teams that are over preforming (Rangers) and under preforming (Red Sox). This power rankings will help you realize who has a chance to make some noise this season. Biggest jump this week was the Red Sox they moved up 6 spots and the biggest drop were the Mariners dropping 9 spots.

#1 Dodgers (24-14)

New week, same Dodgers. Like the Stros they can do everything. Losing Pollock doesn’t effect them that much.

Last Week #2

#2 Rays (23-12)

The Rays need to worry about their own business, if they start looking in the rear view mirror they could get pasted by the Yanks and Sox.

Last Week #1

#3 Astros (21-15)

What can’t this team do? They really have it all, maybe add one more solid bullpen guy? You can never have too many power arms in the back of the pen.

Last Week #3

#4 Cubs (20-13)

Finally took the lead in the NL Central. I traded for Rizzo in fantasy, so he and this team better not falter in the heat of the summer.

Last Week #9

#5 Yankees (21-14)

Another week of playing games with nobody’s and still winning. This team should take the #1 spot with they get everyone back.

Last Week #5

#6 Twins (22-12)

I don’t think anyone thought that they would be this good. Nelly is heating up and that could be a game changer. I think they are for real contenders for a playoff spot.

Last Week #6

#7 Cardinals (21-15)

Carlos Martinez is about to be back soon, he could help the rotation or pen. I am curious to see how they deploy him. (my guess is pen first then locks down a starter role)

Last Week #4

#8 Phillies (20-15)

Still atop of the East, they really need Harper to start mashing. Once that happens they could run away with the best division in baseball.

Last Week #7

#9 Brewers (22-16)

A slight fall from grace since the start of the season, but this team and the NL Central are loaded so get ready for a wild summer with Yelich raking.

Last Week #8

#10 D-Backs (20-16)

Go out a get a little help for this team and they can be legit contenders. Right now they are overachieving, but they could be the real deal come mid June.

Last Week #12

#11 Red Sox (18-19)

Don’t look now, but the Red Sox are coming and they will make a wild card spot (or hell, they might win the division).

Last Week #17

#12 Braves (18-18)

Please just sign Dallas and Kimbrel, who cares about the draft this year. You have enough talent to make it to the World Series if you help them out.

Last Week #16

#13 Indians (18-16)

Where is the offense. They need an outfielder that can hit… Maybe a swap with Yankees when everyone is healthy?

Last Weeks #11

#14 Mets (17-19)

Sound the alarm, the Mets are under .500 it is full time panic mode!

Last Week #14

#15 Padres (20-17)

Still a fun team to watch, but they need to add a vertern arm to help this young staff.

Last Week #13

#16 Rangers (16-17)

Still not buying into this team. They need to trade the players playing well (Minor and Elvis) and sign some other veterans to trade at the deadline (like a James Shields)

Last Week #15

#17 Nationals (14-21)

My World Series losers (prediction) look like losers. They need a veteran presence to take the load off the youngsters.

Last Week #19

#18 A’s (16-21)

They are starting to pitch the way we expected them to, but they are still one starter away from being contenders.

Last Week #18

#19 Mariners (19-19)

Well in the last week you went 1-5. That’s not getting it done. Good chance the M’s will never return to the top 10 this year.

Last Week #10

#20 Rockies (16-20)

Poor Ian Desmond, he is just not that good for the Rockies, trade him and prospects to Rangers.

Last Week #22

#21 Pirates (17-15)

Are yall good? Are yall bad? I don’t know, but Tallion needs to be healthy for you to be good.

Last Week #23

#22 Blue Jays (15-21)

Vlad Jr. Has not lived up to the hype….yet. If you play fantasy, make a trade for him right now while owners are panicking.

Last Week #20

#23 Angels (16-19)

Ohtani is back, maybe that will spark the team, or maybe he regresses from last year (i say he regresses and won’t be hitting in 2 years)

Last Week #21

#24 Giants (16-20)

Pablo for MVP!!!

Last Week #24

#25 Reds (15-21)

Senzel is up in the bigs, that is reason to be happy Reds fans!

Last Week #25

#26 White Sox (16-18)

They are only 2 games behind the Indians in the standings, that should tell you how bad the Indians are right now.

Last Week #27

#27 Tigers (15-17)

Miggy wants protection in the lineup. Miggy has to be traded for that to happen. Trade Miggy and Nick.

Last Week #26

#28 Royals (13-24)

Congrats! You moved up from 29 to 28 this week!!!

Last Week #29

#29 Orioles (13-23)

At least your’e not last…. That’s a positive to the season.

Last Week #28

#30 Marlins (10-25)

They suck, and they aren’t even playing their youth. Trade everyone over the age of 30.

Last Week #30

-Basil, Keelo, ChanDon, Topher