Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

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Movie Monday – Detective Pikachu


This weekend I went and saw Detective Pikachu. I have to admit I was never really that into Pokemon when I was younger. I played Pokemon Go when I came out a few summers ago, but was never a die-hard card collector or really played the Gameboy games or N64 games. I was more into collecting baseball cards and playing baseball. But I do enjoy good movies and this movie looked good to me based on the previews that I saw going to the movies over the past few months.

I would say that my lack of Pokemon knowledge did not really effect the movie experience, so if you are worried if you wont know what is happening, you will be fine. Overall the movie was pretty good. It supplied some laughs, some twists, and just overall good family fun. I would recommend anyone to go see this movie. I plan to see it again with my GF who had to work when I saw it the first time. I think the second time will be even better since I will know what each Pokemon in the movie can do.

Ryan Reynolds does a great job voicing Pikachu, as always he is quit witted and funny and makes you laugh through out the movie. Justice Smith also does a great job owning the screen with his Pokemon partner.

If you don’t hate Pokemon, go and see this movie. You will walk out happy that you saw it.