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MLB Power Rankings (Week 7)

Sorry for being a day late posting the power rankings this week! Got caught up having to do a lot for work and just didn’t quite get the time, but delaying it a day allowed the Yankees to get a double header sweep of the Orioles on Wednesday.

#1 Dodgers (29-16)

Ho hum, another week of baseball played and the Dodgers still look like the best team in the MLB.

Last week #1

#2 Astros (29-15)

The Stros are closing the gap on the Dodgers for the top spot. They are on an 8 game win streak, and have outscored opponents by 87 runs.

Last week #3

#3 Rays (26-15)

I told you last week that the Yankees and Red Sox are coming. This should be the last week the Rays are in the top 3. Still a very good team, but losing Glasnow is a killer right now.

Last week #2

#4 Cubs (25-15)

Rizzo needs to get healthy, he was mashing right before he was listed at DTD. If he comes back soon and continues to swing the way he was before he got bang up then look out for this team.

Last week #4

#5 Yankees (26-16)

I’m predicting that the Bronx Bombers find their way into the top 3 next week. Getting Hicks back helps, losing Miggy lite shouldn’t be too bad of a blow if Gio keeps hitting the way he has.

Last week #5

#6 Twins (27-15)

It is time to start buying stock into the twins. We are over 40 games into the season and their pitching staff has been dominate. On paper it looks average at best, but they are doing one heck of a job.

Last week #6

#7 Phillies (24-18)

Quit booing Harper (it going to make you look stupid). This is the guy that yall wanted. He is and always will be a streaky hitter. His time will come and you will forget that you ever booed him.

Last week #8

#8 Brewers (26-19)

Be better on the road…. if you don’t start playing well on the road you can kiss the playoffs good bye. The Brewers have only outscored opponents by 10 runs this year. That has to change.

Last week #9

#9 Cardinals (23-20)

Please decide that you are good or bad. Last week you were scorching the earth, now you are 3-7 in your last 10 games….

Last week #7

#10 Red Sox (23-20)

WELCOME BACK TO THE TOP 10! We are so proud of you! JK the start of the season was hot garbage, and I personally hate the Red Sox.

Last week #11

#11 Indians (22-19)

Indians come in at 11 this week because they received 1 top 10 vote. Just a thought Indians front office… Sign me to play OF. I jacked a 400 bomb in slow pitch last week. I’m ready to go.

Last week #13

#12 D-Backs (24-20)

No real reason for the fall other than we believe in the teams ahead of the D-Backs more. Hang in there for a few more weeks and you will get your respect.

Last week #10

#13 Braves (22-21)

Seems like this team should be 6 or 7 games above .500 right? well they aren’t. Go get Kimbrel now and lock down the late innings with him and Jackson.

Last week #12

#14 Padres (22-21)

About the only excited from the Padres this past week was losing their Twitter handle. Idiots.

Last week #15

#15 Mets (20-21)

Well still ranked in the top half. So there is that. Alonso is a beast and McNeil has cooled off since joining my fantasy team… sorry guys, that’s my bad.

Last week #14

#16 A’s (19-25)

Slowly by surely they will work their way into contention… unless the front office blows it up well before then, and we all know they just might.

Last week #18

#17 Rockies (20-22)

Creeping back into the hunt after and awful start. Get a lead and get the ball to Wade Davis and let him shut the door.

Last week #20

#18 Pirates (21-19)

IDK, I’m sorry, you have a winning record, but I don’t think you are that good this year. Tallion is on the 60 DL. That is not Ideal.

Last week #21

#19 Angels (20-23)

Moved into 3rd place in the AL West. Ohtani providing a little spark for this club, but they really have no shot this year unless they get pitching and bigger bats.

Last week #23

#20 Rangers (18-22)

Horrible series with the Astros, lost one to the Royals. Shelby Miller sucks…. trade away the guys that are playing decent right now, no need to hold on to hope.

Last week #16

#21 Blue Jays (17-25)

Vlad Jr. went yard twice in the same game to finally hit his first career HRs. I have a feeling he will have a lot more of them.

Last week #22

#22 Mariners (22-23)

If it wasn’t for the hottest start in baseball this team would have a terrible record. Do not buy into this team being in contention.

Last week #19

#23 Reds (19-24)

They got a walk-off win and Puig is heating up! Votto isn’t great, but they aren’t the worst thing in the world.

Last week #25

#24 White Sox (19-22)

Should the White Sox go out and trade for players to compete? They really aren’t too far out and only need a few pieces. It’s a thought

Last Week #26

#25 Giants (18-24)

HAHA Worst run franchise in baseball right now. You better trade MadBum quick and ship Holland off too. A Shelby Miller for Derek Holland trade works for me.

Last week #24

#26 Tigers (18-23)

You moved up a spot. Congrats! Start trading people and rebuild now.

Last week #27

#27 Nationals (17-25)

Thanks for making me look stupid. I still believe, but I can’t justify moving you up until you actually win games. BTW MADMAX HAS A LOSING RECORD.

Last week #17

#28 Royals (15-28)

They are about as useful as a poppy flavored lollipop.

Last week #28

#29 Orioles (14-28)

Keep serving up homers to my fantasy guys please =]

Last week #29

#30 Marlins (10-31)

Only a few quick months away from watching the Dolphins lose too!

Last week #30

Basil’s Top 10
1. Dodgers
2. Astros
3. Yankees
4. Cubs
5. Twins
6. Rays
7. Brewers
8. Red Sox
9. Phillies
10. Cardinals

Keelo’s Top 10
1. Cubs
2. Rays
3. Dodgers
4. Astros
5. Twins
6. Phillies
7. Yankees
8. Brewers
9. Cardinals
10. Red Sox

Topher’s Top 10
1. Dodgers
2. Astros
3. Rays
4. Cubs
5. Twins
6. Yankees
7. Brewers
8. Red Sox
9. Phillies
10. Cardinals

ChanDon’s Top 10
1. Dodgers
2. Astros
3. Rays
4. Yankees
5. Twins
6. Cubs
7. Brewers
8. Cardinals
9. Red Sox
10. Indians

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-Basil, Keelo, Topher, ChanDon