Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

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Baseball Division Leaders

Yankees – The New York Yankees are 1 game up on the Tampa Bay Rays and 4.5 games up on the Red Sox. The Yankees have been battling the injury bug all season long, but have managed to have a 29-17 record. This is the 4th best record in baseball right now. The Yankees are expected to get Stanton back sooner than later, Judge is making progress, Tulo has been taking reps (who really cares about that tho), Paxton is still feeling knee discomfort (who knows when he will be back), and Severino is out until after the All-Star Break. The guys that were unknowns are crushing it right now and finding new ways to win. The rest of baseball should be worried once the Yankees get healthy.

Twins – This division leader might come as a surprise for some people. The Twins aren’t just winning the division, but they are up 5.5 games on the Indians, the team that everyone expected to win the division by more than 10 games. The Twins are doing it on the mound, they have sneakily pieced together a great rotation and the bullpen filled with guys that you never heard of are shutting the door. They need Nelly to come back from the IL, but to be honest they are doing fine without him. They have outscored opponents by 76 runs so far getting to a 31-16 record.

Astros – Well the Astros are really good at baseball, this should shock anyone. They sit atop of the AL West with a 32-16 record and 8.5 games over the Rangers. The Astros have been without Altuve for a bit and that has not slowed them down in the slightest. With Verlander and Cole being two of the top starters in the bigs they get 2 easy wins every 5 games. The Astros will not be challenged for the AL West crown unless the Rangers do something crazy like trade for pitching, but by the trade deadline it will be too late to catch the Astros.

Phillies – The Phillies have been atop of the NL East since about day 1. This team believes in themselves. I think that they could do a better job with the bullpen, but it is working so far. They have a 28-19 record and have been holding off the Braves all season. This race will be a great one til the end. If Bryce stays hot, then they can grow their 2.5 game lead to alot more before his next slump. If you haven’t tuned in to watch the Phillies yet, I highly suggest it. They are a really fun team to watch this season.

Cubs – The Cubs started off slow and it looked like Joe Maddon would be fired early into the season. Then they caught fire and over took the division. The Brewers, the Pirates and the Cardinals are lurking. I think that the Cubs are the best of the bunch. The Brewers will push them all the way to the end of the season for the NL Central crown. If they could get Darvish to get anywhere near as good as he was for the Rangers they will be unstoppable.

Dodgers – Well this team is getting kinda boring. They have no one to challenge them right now and they have been good for so long. I think they continue to dominate their division will be the first team to clinch. They are 6 games up on the D-Backs, but they lost Goldy, Pollock, and Corbin so my guess is that they will fade pretty soon. I wish the Rockies and Padres where playing better to give them some sort of competition.