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MLB Power Rankings (Week 8)

Now that we are done with week 8 of the baseball season the contenders are contenders are the pretenders are pretenders. Baseball has a way of evening itself out over the course of 162 games. Some of the biggest surprises are of course the Twins and how bad the A’s have been to this point. Hopefully some other surprises are coming this season, but I would imagine the top 10 to remain about the same, but you never know!

#1 Astros (33-16)

The Astros are rolling they are 9-1 in their last 10 games. They are virtual locks to win the AL West. Everyone else in the West is .500 or below. They have an 8.5 game lead.

Last week #2

#2 Dodgers (32-17)

The Astros had a better week so they jumped over the Dodgers, but these 2 teams have been dominating the top 3 for a long time.

Last week #1

#3 Yankees (30-17)

The Yankees are winning despite the injuries. They have Hicks back, Paxton might join next week, Stanton is on a rehab assignment, and Judge took so light swings. So it is only a matter of time for them to explode.

Last week #5

#4 Cubs (28-18)

No team has had a better run lately than the Cubs. They are destroying teams in all phases in the game. This is looking like the team that will win the NL Central…. Sorry Brewers

Last week #4

#5 Twins (32-16)

Nelly is on the IL and the Twins don’t care. They have the pitching to make a deep run this year. Just stay the course and keep the pitchers healthy.

Last week #6

#6 Rays (27-18)

They were finally caught by the Yankees, the Red Sox are looming. They are still a great team, but have to play in a division with the Beasts of the East.

Last week #3

#7 Phillies (28-20)

Still winning the NL East, they have been doing a great job of doing enough to win and avoid collapsing when Harper slumps. Kapler has a shot at Manager of the Year if this keeps up.

Last week #7

#8 Brewers (28-22)

Ahh the Brew Crew, after their blazing start they have fell back down to earth some and the Cubs caught them and past them up in the standings. The talent is there, so they will be fine. They do need help in the pitching department though.

Last week #8

#9 Red Sox (25-23)

They are working their way up the standings and the Power Rankings. After the horrid start the offense got rolling and Sale looks like an ace again. All is fine in Boston.

Last week #10

#10 Braves (26-23)

I am going to Atlanta to see a Braves game, and maybe see my sister and brother in law out there at some point this summer. I am excited to see this team live. They young core is exciting to watch, but they need help finishing games. Jackson has 2 blown saves in his last 2 games.

Last week #13

#11 Indians (25-22)

They need to get Kluber and Clevinger back. Clev is getting close to a return it sounds like he is able to come back June 7th and that looks like the date he will make his return to the squad. They can still catch the Twins, but the pitching has to get better.

Last week #11

#12 Padres (25-24)

These young pitchers are awesome. I keep hearing that they might make a play for Thor to anchor the rotation and have a shot at a wild card slot. That would be awesome.

Last week #14

#13 D-Backs (25-24)

They are slowing coming back to earth. They could stay in the hunt for a wild card slot, but with all the talent that they lost I think it will be out of reach.

Last week #12

#14 Pirates (24-21)

Just like Katy Perry, Your’e hot then your’e cold. Please for my sake either be good or bad… I hate having to flip flop on yall every week.

Last week #18

#15 Cardinals (24-23)

Just like the Pirates they have good weeks and very bad weeks. Over the last 10 games they are 3-7. They need to add one more starter and they will be playoff bound.

Last week #9

#16 Rangers (23-23)

Jon Daniels needs to either trade guys to build the farm back up, or make moves to get starts. Go out and get Stroman and sign Keuchel, and you could have a playoff team with this roster.

Last week #20

#17 A’s (24-25)

Same as the Rangers, they either need to add pieces or trade and rebuild, I think they will wait until the deadline and see where they sit, and ultimately sell.

Last week #16

#18 Mets (22-25)

It is sounding like the Mets will start making trades at some point. I can’t believe a team with this much talent wont be in the playoff hunt.

Last week #15

#19 Angles (22-26)

Ohtani and Simmons got hurt. Atleast you have Trout. Trout has to be pissed with another year without a playoff appearance.

Last week #19

#20 Mariners (23-28)

Just incredible how quickly this team fell of the face of the earth. Better luck next year.

Last week #22

#21 Blue Jays (20-28)

Vlad JR is getting hot and Stroman is holding his own. They need to start trading the older guys to start building around the future.

Last week #21

#22 Reds (22-26)

They are in fact getting a little better. So good job guys!

Last week #23

#23 Giants (21-26)

Trade Madbum.

Last week #25

#24 Rockies (21-25)

Should be better.

Last week #17

#25 White Sox (21-26)

They are who we thought they were.

Last week #24

#26 Nationals (19-29)

Very disappointing. Trade Rendon to the Yankees.

Last week #27

#27 Tigers (18-27)

Still bad.

Last week #26

#28 Royals (16-31)

Still very bad.

Last week #28

#29 Orioles (15-33)

Still very very bad.

Last week #29

#30 Marlins (14-31)

Still very very very bad.

Last week #30

Basil’s Top 10
1. Yankees
2. Astros
3. Dodgers
4. Cubs
5. Twins
6. Rays
7. Phillies
8. Red Sox
9. Brewers
10. Braves

Keelo’s Top 10
1. Astros
2. Dodgers
3. Cubs
4. Twins
5. Yankees
6. Rays
7. Phillies
8. Brewers
9. Red Sox
10. Braves

ChanDon’s Top 10
1. Dodgers
2. Astros
3. Cubs
4. Twins
5. Yankees
6. Brewers
7. Rays
8. Red Sox
9. Indians
10. D-Backs