Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

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Saturday’s Sports Recap

I would like to start this off by saying happy Father’s Day! My dad is better than yours and that is a fact.

The big headline yesterday was that the Los Angeles Lakers finally were able to deal for Anthony Davis. It cost them a lot, but they finally got their guy to pair with Lebron for next few seasons (AD agreed to a deal with the lakers after the trade). Some sport books have the Lakers as the NBA title favorites (I wonder why). The pelicans got Ball, Ingram, Hart and 3 first round picks (including this years 4th)

The Yankees went out and traded for Edwin Encarnacion. This is a big get for the bombers. They have gone all in on power and are hoping to be everyone with the long ball. I’m excited to to see them in London on the 30th.

The line up could look something like this

  1. DJ 3rd
  2. Judge LF
  3. Stanton RF
  4. Sanchez C
  5. Edwin DH
  6. DiDi SS
  7. Voit 1st
  8. Hicks CF
  9. Gleyber 2nd

That is one hell of a lineup. I think this trade means that Clint Frazier is going to be the big name in a package for a pitcher (maybe Thor or one of the Indians guys, but more than likely it will be madbum).