Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

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Paris Day 2! (Thursday)

Well yesterday we were so sick of the heat wave and not having AC in the air bnb (it was smaller than my closet), we decided to get a hotel near Luxembourg that has AC and a queen size bed!

The first thing that we did on Thursday was go to the Luxembourg Gardens (actually the first thing we did was McDonald’s breakfast lol) . It was really beautiful minus the smell that occasionally hit us. We walked all around the gardens it took us about an hour. (and it had a Statue of Liberty!)

Next we walked down the street to the pantheon and a cool cathedral next to it. The cathedral was holding mass so we were not able to look around very much, but the outside was beautiful.

We waited in line to go into the pantheon only to find out that their credit card machines did not work. Luckily we were able to locate an atm close by and snag some Euros. The crypts were my favorite part of the Pantheon.

For lunch we went really classy and got Burger King to go and ate it in the Luxembourg Gardens. Then we took the metro back to the air bnb from hell to rest before our dinner cruise on the Seine River. The cruise started at the Eiffel Tower and went down a little past Nôtre Dame.

The cruise had a 3 course dinner that was worth every penny. We both had a tomato salad, I had the roasted chicken and the chocolate dessert, while she had the salmon and the strawberry cake. The meal was really good and I was able to see my second Statue of Liberty of the day!

After the cruise we took some pics at the Eiffel Tower and Seine River to cap off the evening before switching hotels.

Moving to the new hotel was chaos. We took the metro by the air bnb (with our luggage both of us have big suitcases and backpacks that are busting at the seams). We make it to the spot where we transfer to the new train to take us to Luxembourg station and get on the train and we have to wait 25 mins before it takes off. It finally goes to the next stop and officially gets shut down. Now with all of our luggage we have to walk about 2 miles to our new hotel at 10 o’clock at night. We finally made it and got some rest.

It’s now Friday Morning. We are planning on going to the island where Nôtre Dame is and exploring there as well as having tickets to the Lourve tonight. Who know what else we will do to fill in the time!

Side note the US Woman’s soccer team is in the World Cup and playing France tonight in Paris. (Tickets are insanely high so not going). But go America!! USA! USA! USA!