Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

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Paris Day 3 (Friday)

As you know from the last post we switched hotels last night. And we moved into a place close to the Pantheon and Luxembourg Gardens. The walk to the hotel from the broken down metro was tolling as well as the lack of sleep from the flight over and the previous night in air bnb from hell finally caught up to us. We slept in until about 2:30 and then headed to Notre-Dame.

Notre-Dame was completely fenced off due to the fire. We were able to take a few photos of the outside. Then we headed to the Louvre.

Shockingly the line to get in wasn’t bad at all. We pretty much walked right in. It was not nearly as bad as we thought it was going to be. Inside we saw some cool art including the Mona Lisa. We were able to get to the front of the crowd to snag a few photos.

We then came back to the hotel to rest and watch the soccer game. USA beat France. Not a shocker there. We are the best country.

Once the game finished we got ready again and traveled to the Eiffel Tower via the metro to see it lit up and do the light show. It was pretty cool to see! I highly recommend it if you come over this way.

We then headed back to the metro to head back to the hotel. We got to the station at 1:15 and the metro stops at 2. So we thought we would have plenty of time. The train to take us to our cross over train ram 15 mins late. This put us at the cross over station at 2:01. So we got to take a lovely 2+ mile stroll down some streets in Paris finding our way back to the hotel.

All in all it was a good day! I haven’t slept tonight yet and we have to leave the hotel at 7:45 to catch the Chunnel to London. Once we are there we will check in to the hotel and head to the Tower of London. M


The odds that Sam’s suitcase won’t close tomorrow morning are at 2:1