Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

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Final day (Wednesday)

Wednesday was our final day of our trip and we come back to the states on July 4th. On the last day we took a tour of the Eiffel Tower and went to the top. It was a pretty cool experience to say the least.

Next we went to a restaurant called Pink Mamma and it was good! I love to eat so I ate my plate and half of Sam’s as well. The place had some cool places to take pictures so we took advantage of that of course.

Next we went to two cathedrals they were both awesome. The second one we went to was called Sacre Coeur. It had great views of the city and the place it’s self was down right amazing.

Now we are sitting at the airport to come home back to Texas. I can’t wait to see our doggo Carly and sleep in my own bed for the first time in 10 days. I think Sam wants me to leave her at the airport and so she can just stay in Paris.