2019 Homerun Derby Drinking Game

The 2019 Homerun Derby is upon us tonight and with the switch from Yelich to Chapman the rules to this Drinking Game has changed slightly.

Rule 1. Always drink responsibly. Duh.

So now that rule 1 is out of the way we begin the rules to the game.

Taking 1 gulp when:

  • 1. Take a drink a the player’s name is mentioned while hitting.
  • 2. A home run is hit.
  • 3. When the player’s team name is mentioned ex. (Josh bell plays for the pirates)
  • 4. When a kid snags a ball in the outfield
  • 5. When they talk about anybody or anything Cleveland related (just saying Cleveland counts)
  • Taking 2 gulps when:

    1. Hr over 470 ft.

    2. When a kid drops a ball in the outfield

    3. When they show other all-stars watching and filming

    4. When they take a timeout while hitting

    5. When they show the hitters kid or kids

    Taking 3 gulps when:

    1. Hr over 490 ft.

    2. The word rookie is said

    3. If a past derby is mentioned (Bryce Harper put on a show last year)

    4. When they show hitters warming up in the batting cages

    5. If kids collide in the outfield

    Finish drink when:

    1. Santana makes out of a round

    2. A HR is over 520 ft

    3. Someone hits less than 5 in a round

    4. Whenever the hell you want to. You’re a grown adult. Make your own decisions.

    Have fun and Do not abuse alcohol. If you need to stop then stop!

    My picks round by round.

    Round 1

    1. Vlad over Chapman
    2. Bregman over Peterson
    3. Alonso over Santana
    4. Bell over Acuna

    Round 2

    1. Bregman over Vlad
    2. Bell over Alonso


    1. Bell over Bregman


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