Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

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NHL has a Plan!

Hockey is usually an after thought for a lot of sports fans, but the NHL is seemingly closer to restarting then any other major sports. The NHL has voted to cancel the remainder of the regular season and go straight to the playoffs and include 24 teams! So over half the league gets in and starts a free for all for Lord Stanley’s Cup.

Here is who gets in the playoffs:

  • Eastern Conference
  1. Boston Bruins
  2. Tampa Bay Lightning
  3. Washington Capitals
  4. Philadelphia Flyers
  5. Pittsburg Penguin
  6. Carloina Hurricanes
  7. New York Islanders
  8. Toronto Maple Leafts
  9. Columbus Blue Jackets
  10. Florida Panthers
  11. New York Rangers
  12. Montreal Canadiens
  • Western Confernce
  1. St. Louis Blues
  2. Colorado Avalanche
  3. Las Vegas Golden Knights
  4. Dallas Stars
  5. Edmonton Oilers
  6. NAshville Predators
  7. Vancouver Canucks
  8. Calgary Flames
  9. Winnipeg Jets
  10. Minnesota Wild
  11. Arizona Coyotes
  12. Chicago Blackhawks

The top 4 teams from each confernece will get the first round bye, with teams 5-12 competing in the play-in series to see who gets to face the top 4 seeds.

Prediction is that the Lightning will defeat the Blues in the Stanley Cup once the season comes to a close.

Also if you were wondering who didn’t make the playoffs, it was these crappy teams.

  • Buffalo Sabers
  • Ottawa Senators
  • Detroit Red Wings
  • New Jersey Devils
  • Anaheim Ducks
  • Los Angeles Kings
  • San Jose Sharks