Fri. Nov 27th, 2020

No Hustle Sports

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League Rules

  1. All players will play the Oncor Park at least 1 time a week. (The week starts on Sunday and ends Saturday ex. 7/19-7/25 is the first week on competition)
  2. Everyone will use the Udisc app to record scoring
  3. Send a screen shot of final round to (You may play multiple rounds and send in the best round)
  4. We will be playing everything as par 3s (as scored on Udisc)
  5. Must tee off from the tee boxes provided (The huge chuck of concrete in the ground) and must make every shot into the basket (no gimme putts)
  6. The following shots must come from behind the previous shot. (use that disc as a marker or use a mini disc as a marker and throw behind that)
  7. A penalty stroke is added to remove disc from woods and placed on the edge of fairway (or throw from woods with no penalty)
  8. A penalty stroke is added when a disc is lost. Throw next shot from where the disc got lost (over the fence, throw next to the fence but in-bounds)
  9. No Cheating and Be Honest
  10. Stay Lazy!

The Player with the best average score at the end of 10 weeks will receive a NoHustleSports Putter.