Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

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Snell Goes the Distance (well the distance from Tampa to San Diego)

The Tampa Bay Rays deal former Cy Young winner to the San Diego Padres. Tampa Bay trading away Snell comes as no shock after Kevin Cash infamously pulled Snell too early in game 6 of the world series. Snell leaving was obvious choice for the fanchise since they did not remove Cash from his role.

The trade obviously involves Blake Snell going to the Padres. The Rays of course getting prospects in return. The Rays love prospects and they are going to love Luis Patino. Patino is a top pitching prospect, someone who is young and controllable, the Rays bread and butter.

This trade makes sense for both sides so as for grades….

Rays B+ , giving up Snell with hurt, but getting a top prospect in return softens the blow for sure.

Padres A, Snell can be the team’s ace this year while Clevenger is on the IL, and will help them compete for a wild card spot.

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