Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

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I am the founder, and CEO of NoHustleSports. I grew up in a small Texas town, and now live in the burbs of Dallas. I am a fan of all Dallas area sports teams, baseball in general, and the Yankees. I graduated from Baylor University in 2011 and love all things Sic’Em.

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I grew up with a decent fastball, great swing and did nothing nothing with it. I got hurt my senior year of high school and now I look back like Uncle Rico with the what-ifs and I could do that.

My current hobbies are Frisbee golf (frolf), slow pitch softball, and reading. I have thrown 1 “ace” (hole in one) in frolf back in 2013 or so. I hit cleanup in slow pitch while either pitching or playing on the left side of the field (SS or 3rd). Currently reading the 3rd Awaken Online book. I have a sweet baseball card collection with over 5K cards valued at around 100 dollars maybe.

I like video games, movies and obviously sports. I also have a wonderful girlfriend that I drag around to sporting events and a dog that hates me most days named Carly.