I don’t believe I have a working title here (yet) so I guess I’ll go by “Correspondent” for now. I chose ChanDon as my pen name for two reasons: 1) I love Champagne 2) This particular brand of champagne is pronounced in a way that is strikingly similar to a nickname I’ve received. Watch this video for a little insight;

Like the rest of these clowns, I like to watch a lot of sports (baseball in particular). Unlike the rest of these clowns, I watch a lot of obscure sports (If OSQ were a magazine, I’d be their first subscriber). It’s my pledge to you (the 30 daily visitors of this website) I’ll do my best to keep everyone informed and up to date with ESPN 8 programming.

I’m a fan of the Sox, Pats, Celts, Bruins, and Baylor University. On weekends you can catch me playing Sand Volleyball, Disc Golf (FROLF), or Slow Pitch.